Clarissa Serna and Jeremy Briggs Sing “Cold As Ice” by Foreigner

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.

On March 18, Team Shakira rockers Clarissa Serna and Jeremy Briggs belted out a duet to “Cold As Ice” by Foreigner. Shakira chose the song for her two rockers to see which one would shine. Almost instantly Clarissa felt intimidated by the pairing, as Jeremy has been singing rock music much longer. Mentor Miranda Lambert honed in on Clarissa’s timidity and advised the singer to push through.

During their last rehearsal, Jeremy and Clarissa failed to please coach Shakira, who felt that the two were competing against one another (which they’re supposed to do) as opposed to complementing each other. Giving the song one more try, the singers were able to move Shakira out of her chair, with Miranda describing their sound as “daunting in a good way.”

Taking the stage, Jeremy and Clarissa amped up the chemistry, making their performance seem real. Adam Levine told the singers that the end of their performance was quite possibly the best part, and because of Clarissa’s voice, he’d choose her. Coach Blake Shelton thought that it was a tall order for Jeremy to sing in the same key as Clarissa, but Clarissa’s voice won him over. As for Usher, the R&B singer felt that both rockers were great, but because his sheer tenacity and confidence in taking on a difficult song, Jeremy was the winner in his eyes.

When it was time for Shakira to critique her artists, she noted that they both complemented each other as she hoped they would, but Jeremy fell out of the pocket occasionally, while Clarissa was a bit too theatrical. However, when it was time to pick the winner, Shaki chose the person she felt she could go further with, which was Clarissa.

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