The Voice’s family is about to get a little larger! No, Shakira’s not pregnant (that we know of), but Carson Daly’s fiancée, Siri Pinter, sure is. The 40-year-old host made the announcement on The Tonight Show Monday night that his third baby is on the way.

In his interview with host Jimmy Fallon, Carson dished about fatherhood, which provided a nice segue for his big news. However, despite years of experience making huge announcements, Carson totally buried the lede in a conversation about buying a minivan. Well, sounds like he’ll need one! But a dependable kid-carter isn’t the only thing the former TRL host wants as he prepares for his third trip to the delivery room.

“I could use a cocktail right about now,” he said, pulling nervously at his shirt collar. We bet. The hard-working host, who also has gigs on The Today Show and late late-night show Last Call, has a rapidly expanding family and jobs that just happen to be located on opposite coasts. Just thinking about his schedule makes us feel a little flushed and sweaty-palmed.

Carson and Siri’s third child will join Jackson James Daly, who turns 5 this month, and 18-month-old Etta Jones Daly.

Congrats to the happy parents!