Ryan Whyte Maloney Sings “Second Chance” by Shinedown

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC

On April 8, Team Blake Shelton rocker Ryan Whyte Maloney gave a rousing performance of “Second Chance” by Shinedown. Ryan chose the song because he heard it at a time of his life where it was “do or die.” Blake commended the singer for taking a bold risk with the tune, however, he advised Ryan to make sure that he was up to the task to take on the belting-filled song. Otherwise it could go terribly wrong.

Ryan took the stage with the rock ballad, holding his notes to perfection, and get a hearty applause from his coach.

Usher told Ryan that there’s only one other person who is able to hold long notes and be almost perfect, and that’s Adam Levine. With that, Usher told Ryan that he was going in the right direction. Shakira told Ryan that he did tremendously well and took a bold risk that paid off.

Adam Levine told Ryan that it was astonishing to see how much he’s grown, with the overwhelmingly positive moments taking over.

Blake said that he was overwhelmed with excitement and pride based on Ryan’s performance and that the rocker made it that much harder to decide who would move on to the live shows.

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