Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC

On April 8, The Voice 2014 Season 6 coach Blake Shelton had to make the difficult decision of selecting three of his five contestants to represent him in Live Shows. Contestants Audra McLaughlin, Ryan Whyte Maloney, Madilyn Paige, Jake Worthington, and Sisaundra Lewis took the stage with songs they hoped would impress Blake and secure one of the coveted spots.

“I just want all five of you to know I truly do think the world of you,” Blake said to his contestants after telling them to he would have to make one of the toughest decision that he ever made in six seasons.

The first contestant that Blake chose to represent him was Sisaundra, who Blake said combined skill, talent, and almost everything he thought a performer who could win should have. The second spot was given to Audra, who Blake said had blown him blown from the first time he heard her voice.

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC

With Ryan, Madilyn, and Jake left, each of the contestants were given the opportunity to make their last pitch to stay on Team Blake. After listening to all three artists, Blake made his final selection and brought Jake Worthington to the live shows to represent his team.

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