Credit: Trae Patton

We can’t imagine how much pressure Adam Levine feels going into the Season 6 Live Rounds. After all, as the current reigning champ, he’s got his ego on the line here! So the question is, did he pick the best three singers to help him to another win this season?

Honestly, he couldn’t have steered himself too wrong with any combination of artists he might have selected from the five he had going into the Playoff round. In the end, Adam seemed to want to make sure he goes into next week not just with the strongest artists who’ve demonstrated the most growth, but also sought to make sure he chose three very diverse vocalists.

First, Adam selected YouTube pop singer Christina Grimmie, who has been a bit inconsistent up until the Playoffs, but gave a really strong performance tonight. Second, he picked someone who exceeded his expectations in every way: R&B/soul artist Delvin Choice. The final singer joining Adam into the Live Rounds is rocker Kat Perkins

Credit: Trae Patton

Unfortunately, that meant saying goodbye to indie artist Morgan Wallen, who showed us his country side tonight, and Justin Timberlake doppelgänger Jake Barkerr.

Do you think Adam made the right choices tonight?