Credit: Trae Patton

The five remaining singers on team Shakira didn’t make it easy on their coach during tonight’s Playoff Rounds performances. Nevertheless, the Colombian pop star was forced to send two of her artists home in advance of next week’s Live Shows. So who made the cut, and whose journey ended tonight?

In a nutshell, Shak seemed to be most invested in the singers who’d demonstrated the most growth during their time together. That said, the choices clearly didn’t come easy for the sensitive pop star.

The first artist she selected to advance was former beauty queen Tess Boyer, whom all the coaches remarked had really overcome a lot of her insecurities. The second singer she chose was Massachusetts country singer Kristen Merlin.

Finally, it shocked absolutely no one, including us, that Dani Moz nabbed the third and final slot on Team Shakira. Her emotional and soaring performance of “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga nearly moved us to tears. 

Credit: Trae Patton

Sadly, though, this meant we had to say goodbye to Patrick Thomson and Deja Hall. Shakira will enter the live shows with a team of powerful female vocalists.

Do you think Shak made the right calls, or did she mess this one up big time?