Tess Boyer Sings “Human” by Christina Perri

Credit: Trae Patton

On April 14, Team Shakira singer Tess Boyer gave a rousing performance of “Human” by Christina Perri. During rehearsals, Shakira advised Tess to break through her insecurities and attack the song in several ways to give it a bit more intimacy. Tess took the stage with the pop ballad and showed that she could be intimate while still belting and holding her notes with exquisite control.

Adam Levine thought Tess’s performance was the greatest by far, complimented her impressive vocal range, and asserted that she had what it takes to win the entire competition. Usher told Tess that she had a genuine quality in her voice and called her “super human” for her ability to belt her notes the way she did. Blake Shelton told Tess that he admired Tess for stepping up to every challenge that has been set in front of her. Shakira called Tess her “little miracle for Team Shakira” and told the singer that she had an “amazing gift.” Shak then complimented Tess’s voice for being able to fill the entire room in its low register and completely blow everyone away once she hit the higher notes.

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