Josh Kaufman Sings “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.

On April 21, Team Usher singer Josh Kaufman gave a rousing performance of “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. 

Usher chose the song for Josh because of the contemporary’s song very retro sound. During rehearsals, Usher encouraged Josh to let go and even had him run around the stage to show him that he needs to engage with the audience. Taking his coach’s advice, Josh took the stage with the Sam Smith hit and moved around the stage, engaging the audience, belting his trademark falsetto notes, and causing his coach to smile.

Shakira told Josh that she was a fan, calling him clever for his delicate build-up through the song. He called his skills as a vocalist extraordinary. Adam Levine called himself “stupid” for letting the singer go, and said that he thought “Stay With Me” was the perfect song for him. While he thought Josh would be in the competition as his champion, he’s still glad he’s here — even if he’s on Team Usher.

Blake had nothing more to say but that Josh was the man to beat on Team Usher. Usher said that Adam prepared Josh for the greatness that they would achieve together. He also called himposed, prepared, commanding, and demanding — noting the massive improvement from rehearsals and ultimately making his niche.

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