Tess Boyer Sings “I’ll Be Here For You” by Bon Jovi

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Tess Boyer, Season 6 Top 12

On April 21, Team Shakira singer Tess Boyer gave a rousing performance of “I’ll Be Here For You” by Bon Jovi. Shakira wanted to bring out the tough girl inside of Tess, and tasked her with singing a male powerful ballad with the same confidence and passion — all in a different register.

Blake Shelton called Tess the artist on Team Shakira to beat, and said he believed that she would make it much further in the competition with her style and ability. Usher told Tess that he never doubted that she would make it this far in the competition and said that she just needed to continue doing what she did to make it even further.

Shakira said that she was proud of Tess, and called her incredibly smart for being able to take in every single note, digest it, and put it in to perfect use. Shak thought that Tess definitely nailed her performance, and complimented her for being the girl putting herself through law school, and having this hidden jewel of a voice.

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