Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Kristen Merlin Performs, Top 10 Live Show

On April 28, Team Shakira singer Kristen Merlin gave a rousing performance of “Let Her Go” by Passenger.

Last week, Kristen had a major technical snafu, but the poise she showed helped her through to this week (and also caused her father, with whom she doesn’t have a strong relationship, to reach out). Shakira and producer Busbee helped Kristen funnel her country sound into the British folk band’s hit and show her versatility as an artist

This time Kristen’s vulnerability came through her vocal performance rather than her grace under pressure. as it was clear she felt an emotional connection to the song. Adam Levine was glad he was able to hear her entire performance this week, which he said was great, as always. Blake Shelton was a little worried when he saw Kristen wasn’t doing a country song, but says it ended up being his favorite performance of hers so far. Shakira expressed her pride in Kristen’s growth and the layers she’s exposed, comparing her to an onion.

“You’re not gonna call her an ogre, are you?” Usher joked. No, but she definitely almost made us cry!


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