Sisaundra Lewis Sings “Oh Sherrie” by Steve Perry

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.

On April 28, Team Blake Shelton powerhouse vocalist Sisaundra Lewis gave a rousing performance of “Oh Sherrie” by Steve Perry.  

Blake and Sisaundra decided to go with the rock ballad at this point in the competition as it is a challenge and a bit of a shake up from the 38-year-old artist’s soulful routine. Taking the stage with the the powerful ‘80s classic, Sisaundra took mentor Scott Hendrick’s advice and gave a powerful that brought her coach to his feet. Usher said that Sisaundra gave an incredible performance, and it was a risk that was worth it and beneficial to her place in the competition.

Adam Levine joked that Sisaundra literally blew the roof off the building and that while there was no longer a ceiling, it was entirely worth it.

Blake told Sisaundra that she sang the “crap” out of the song and made him look like a genius for pushing his button for her and ultimately securing her on his team.

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