Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.

On May 5, Team Adam Levine singer Christina Grimmie gave a rousing performance of “How to Love” by Lil’ Wayne.

Despite having an amazing performance last week, Christina’s bummed that her two best friends in the competition, Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer, went home. But that’s not the only challenge she has tonight. Adam also wants her to perform another song by a rapper, and she’s worried about pigeonholing herself. However, if anyone can pull it off two weeks in a row, The Maroon 5 frontman thinks it’s Christina.

It’s basically unrecognizable from the original, that’s for sure. If they hadn’t told us this was a Lil Wayne song, there’s no way we’d place it. The crowd’s applause moved her to tears as she awaited the judges’ comments.

Usher asks if Christina wants to be a hip-hop artist, remarking that she definitely gravitates toward R&B. Shakira called the performance “huge” and again pinpointed her ability to reinvent a song as a mark of her artistry. Adam thanked his artist for trusting his vision this week, and points out that because it’s so different from the original, fans of what she did have no choice but to download her version. Wow, sneaky move, Adam!

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