Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.

On May 5, Team Blake Shelton singer Sisaundra Lewis gave a rousing performance of “River Deep Mountain High” by Tina Turner.

Despite the fact that her mom has never approved much of her daughter singing secular music, Sisaundra is really excited to report that her mom will be coming to watch her perform live. Thankfully, Sis is singing a great song tonight. What makes it even more special is that she once performed as backup to Celine Dion on this song, but tonight gets to take center stage on the tune first made famous by Tina Turner.

We’re so excited Sisaundra finally got a Tina song since she reminds us so much of the legendary singer, and she definitely delivered a powerful performance. We have to say, we wish her mom looked more impressed, though!

Usher was pleased to learn more about the singer’s life and to watch her evolve into a diva. Shakira said that her vocal ability is amazing and she should open a school. Adam loved that the song choice reflected Sisaundra’s inner strength and called the performance “electric.” Her very proud coach, Blake, is thrilled with his mentee’s performance and her song choice tonight.

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