With the competition on The Voice down to eight remaining contestants, we’re starting to see who might win the whole show.

Though she hasn’t always been the center of the judges’ attention, we have a feeling you shouldn’t discard Team Blake’s Erin Willett.

Here’s why:

1. Her Powerhouse Sound

It shocks us that coach Blake Shelton is the only one who turned for this bold sound. Erin has tackled some of the music industry’s most challenging songs from artists like Tina Turner, Pat Benatar, and Stevie Wonder, and has done so without a single weak moment. She is able to control her powerful sound, which is a lot more challenging than she makes it seem.

2. Her Perseverance

We cannot overemphasize how impressive this young woman is. She lost her father moments before her battle round against Gwen Sebastian, and was able to pull off one of the strongest battle-round performances the show has seen. Not only do we respect her for her personal struggles, but her impressive sound shows that she’s in this competition for her talent, not her tears.

3. Her Fun-Loving Personality

Credit: YouTube Photo: WATCH: Voice Contestants Erin Willett and The Shields Brothers Collaborate on "I Love Rock and Roll" (VIDEO)

Though it’s subtle, we love seeing Erin’s wacky faces on The Voice. She regularly tweets silly photos with the remaining contestants, proving that all work and no fun makes for a dull group of singers. Our favorite funny moment from Erin? Her duet with eliminated contestants The Shields Brothers on the song “I Love Rock and Roll.”

Do you think Erin has what it takes to be “The Voice”? Comment below!

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