In April 2011, The Voice Season 1 aired and America got the chance to experience the beginning of a revolution. And we’re not just talking about a brand new singing competition that has gone on to be the top rated music show on television. No, we’re referring to the bromance that blossomed between coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton

Their love is unusual — one is a tattooed rocker and the other a country crooner — but so true. So when we heard reports that these two were have bromantic trouble, we cried harder than Jermaine Paul when he took home the Season 2 crown.

But what (or who) could have broken these two apart?

"[Blake’s] got a man crush on Usher now. He's left me for Usher now," Adam joked with Entertainment Tonight. "So he gets to spend the season making Usher feel uncomfortable."

Is that some bitterness we detect? Hopefully Usher’s smooth, sexy style won’t get in the way of Blake and Adam’s true love!

Do you think he’s a real threat? Weigh in below!

Source: Entertainment Tonight