The Voice judges are notorious for giving each other a hard time, but now that’s true even outside the spinning red chairs.

After Adam Levine announced last week that he would be releasing a fragrance for men and women called 222, his fellow Voice coach Christina Aguilera responded on Twitter, calling him out for insulting celebrity fragrances almost exactly one year before.

Credit: Twitter Photo: STILL:Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine Tweet Over Fragrance

Adam reaffirmed his dislike for celebrity fragrances yesterday, telling People: "I ... hate the idea of a celebrity fragrance, absolutely, 100 percent.”

Then why are you making one, Adam?

”I kind of thought to myself, ‘Well I’m interested in fashion and there’s a lot of things about it that could be really cool if done properly.’ So I want to do a thing that’s never done properly. That’s my goal,” he continued.

We guess that makes sense, but we also feel no shame spritzing ourselves with Adam’s new musical collaborator Justin Bieber’s perfume.  

Does Adam have any hard feelings about Christina calling him out? No way! He thought the comments were, “funny and silly and friendly ... We were just messing around.”

Glad to see the two aren’t feuding. What do you think of Adam’s conflicting statements? Comment below! 

Source: PEOPLE