Adam Levine is known for his laid-back style. The Season 3 contestants even made fun of his torn and tattered white T-shirt on an episode of The Voice

At the same time, our man knows how to stay sharp in a sexy suit. But what does he wear at home? Sadly, he doesn’t walk around in the nude. Instead, this rockstar enjoys some casual yoga pants!

In the most recent issue of Men’s Health Magazine, Adam talked about his casual attire.

“I love waking up, throwing on some yoga pants, and hanging out all day looking like a psycho,” he told the magazine. “And then at night I’ll throw on a suit and go out looking like a businessman. I love that flexibility. I wouldn’t do this s if it weren’t fun.”

Adam also claims that there is a method to his T-shirt madness.

"I tend to go for clothes with a classic feel," he said. "But I also want them to have a story, a history, some meaning. I want my clothes to be unique. Not necessarily expensive, just one of a kind."

Therefore, each holey tee has a backstory ... possibly involving a bear.

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Source: Men’s Health Magazine