Do you ever watch Adam Levine on The Voice and think you might be his perfect match? Well, you might want to know his no. 1 turn on.

In a live press conference for his new K-Mart clothing line today, Adam was asked what he finds sexy on a woman.

“This is the question where if you answer improperly, you start sounding like Fabio,” he joked. “What do I think is sexy on a woman? I don’t know … confidence? That’s not exactly an article of clothing, but you get the gist.”

We can be confident, Adam.

Sadly, Adam is currently dating Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo, and she has plenty of confidence when strutting down a runway.

As for clothes, Adam likes to keep things simple. He described his upcoming line as, “basic and classic enough so anybody could like it regardless of who you are.”

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