We’ve all been anxiously waiting for The Voice Season 3 winner Cassadee Pope to release her debut solo album. But it seems the release date has clearly been pushed back considering Cassadee originally stated we could expect the record out at the end of February 2013.

The pop rocker with an affinity for country music hasn’t offered up a release date yet, but she did give People Magazine some tasty details on what fans can expect when the album is finally released.

Cassadee’s looking to feature plenty of songs about heartbreak, but don’t think that these tunes are coming from her real-life relationship with boyfriend Rian Dawson. 

"There are songs about someone cheating or being [cheated on],” she said. “These are things I've never gone through personally, but as an artist, I want people to relate." 

One topic that comes straight out of her heart is her strained relationship with her father. Fans saw some of Cassadee’s pain on The Voice when she talked about his absence in her life. She reunited with her dad during the show, but she’s also got a song on her upcoming album about the struggles she faced with that relationship. 

“It is one of my favorites," she admitted. "I'm sure it will strike a chord in his heart and make him a little teary eyed." 

With teasers this interesting, Cassadee is making us more excited than ever for her new music. Will you buy Cassadee’s album? Tell us below! 

Source: People Magazine