As we all know, Usher has lots of feelings. So you can imagine his internal conflict when forced to send one of his contestants home during The Voice 2013's first live eliminations. All of Usher's proteges delivered fabulous performances during this week's live shows, but America voted and placed Josiah Hawley and Cáthia in the bottom two.

Sadly, Usher couldn't save both his acts, and after much contemplation and a few words of wisdom, he chose to save Josiah thanks to his staggering performance of “Starlight” by MUSE. Unfortunately, this means that Cáthia is no longer with us — despite the fact that her rendition of “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston had us weeping soft tears of emotion.

We're beyond sad to see Cáthia go, and guys? We're starting to question whether or not Usher made the right choice. After all, boyfriend was spiraling into a fit of sads while making his decision –– his mind wasn't exactly STABLE.

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