Credit: Instagram

Good news, everyone. The Voice's newest coach, R&B sensation Usher Raymond IV, is even more addicted to social media than you are. In fact, he's pretty much an Internet troll –– in a good way. 

Not only does Usher have a Twitter account (follow him @UsherRaymondIV), he's a huge fan of Instagram. Yep, boyfriend is Valencia-ing up a storm –– and don't even get us started on his creative use of X-pro II.

If you want to be privy to every photographic detail of Usher's life, check out his Instagram @howuseeit. Believe us, you won't regret it. This dude's pictures include selfies in scarves, selfies in sombreros, naked selfies, laughing selfies, selfies with puppies, and our personal favorite, random pictures of giant horses.

What have we learned? Usher is an international man of mystery who loves nothing more than documenting each and every crevice of his bald head.

Source: Twitter / Instagram