Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Who Is This Reality TV Contestant With A "Remember" Tattoo?

This reality TV contestant has hearing loss in both ears, but you’d never know it from the way she can bust out a tune. Despite having 40 percent loss in one ear, and 2 percent in the other, this songbird is certainly not deficient in the singing department! 

A native of Beverly, MA, this beautiful 18-year-old beauty is a huge Jessie J fan and loves to perform the British singer’s music. She’s also a fabulous songwriter herself, which she demonstrated on national television by performing an original song that fans still can’t stop talking about.

In a recent photo shoot, we found out this lovely lady has a "Remember" tattoo on her wrist in simple script. Who or what she was referring to when she paying homage to when she inked herself still remains a mystery. (Although we’re trying to discover the answer!)

Already guessed who it is? No? Well click on through our photos below to find out!