The Voice Season 4's Holly Tucker and Luke Edgemon went head-to-head (more like voice-to-voice) during this week's epic knockout rounds on April 30, and we're still trying to decide which talented singer did a better job. Blake Shelton paired this dynamic duo together because of their gospel backgrounds and powerful vocals, and they both nailed it!

Holly gave a flawless performance of Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying," while Luke dished up an unexpected R&B version of "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry. Their Knockout Round was definitely one of the best this season, and had the judges fighting with each other about who deserved to win!

While Adam Levine and Shakira adored Luke's rendition of "Teenage Dream," Usher thought it was too far out (and not in a groovy way). Meanwhile, Blake Shelton was just like "yeehaw, I love all y'all!" and could barely handle making a decision about who to cut. Ultimately, Blake decided to send Holly to the live playoffs, which means Luke is leaving on a jet plane and we have no idea when he'll be back again.

Do you think Blake made the right decision by sending Luke home? Because we're still ugly-crying. Hit the poll and let us know what you think!