Our moms always told us to stay away from bad boys, but when it comes to super-sexy Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice coach Adam Levine, we just can't say no.

Check out this picture of our favorite rocker taking his motorcycle for a whirl in Malibu:

Credit: Mike / Splash News Photo: Adam Levine Rides His Motorcycle in Malibu on January 16, 2011

Turns out, Adam is a huge car enthusiast. "But I don't know as much as you know about cars," he told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show last week. "Don't embarrass me with technical knowledge in front of all these people."

When Jay reminded Adam that he has motorcycles as well, Adam responded, "I don't know about those either. I just like to ride them."

That's OK Adam, we don't know anything about motorcycles. We just like seeing you ride them.