Credit: STILL

We love that The Voice is constantly changing and adapting to appeal to its viewers, but to the average audience member, these changes can get confusing. In Season 3 The Voice made a major adjustment to its battle rounds.

In the battles, the coaches will pit their contestants against one another in a vocal battle to the musical death. But now, losing a battle round doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of the game.

Executives have implemented the "steal,” which allows coaches to once again put their big red buttons to use. If a coach likes the losing contestant, they can press their button to “steal” them for their team.

If more than one coach likes the losing contestant, we’ll be back to square one and the contestant will have to make the tough decision about which team to switch to.

Each coach is allowed two steals total, meaning that by the end of the battle rounds, there will be 8 contestants per team.

Last season, the steals offered talented artist Amanda Brown a chance to move on to the knockout rounds and later the live shows. Hopefully, the Season 4 steals will provide the same opportunity for a deserving contestant.

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