We all love Team Shakira’s talented artist Kris Thomas. And we want to make sure he stays in the competition! So Wetpaint Entertainment has compiled a guide of the many ways to vote for Kris on The Voice 2013.

Remember, you can only vote 10 times per contestant on each medium. Here’s how:

1. Call Toll-Free

During each performance, a toll-free telephone number will be posted at the bottom of the screen. Lines open after the show ends, and remain open until 10 a.m. ET the next day. Tonight’s number for Kris is: 1-877-5-KEEP-08.

2. Text

Sprint customers can vote by texting a code (found at the bottom of the screen). Each artist has a different code. To vote for Kris, text 08 to 8642.

3. Online

You may vote online via NBC.com, the NBC Live app, the NBC app, or The Voice’s official Facebook page. Remember, you may only vote up to 10 times per contestant online.

4. iTunes

Every time you buy Kris’s newest Voice song on iTunes, it will count as a vote for him.

Who will you be voting for this season?