This season on The Voice, NBC has answered our prayers with brand-new format changes, which make our favorite competition show even more exciting than last season. But those same changes can also confuse the average viewer, so Wetpaint Entertainment’s here to answer all of your Voice questions.

Season 3 can be broken down into six action-packed rounds. Here’s how the show works:

Blind Auditions

It all starts with the blind auditions. Four Big Red Chairs, turned away from the stage so the four celebrity coaches can’t see who’s performing. If a coach likes what he or she hears, they press their button, turning for the contestant and offering them a spot on their team. If more than one coach turns for a contestant, that singer then has the opportunity to pick between the coaches.

Battle Rounds

Up next, teammates go head-to-head as their coaches pair them up for duet battles. They learn the same song and then sing it together on the stage. For the first time, the other coaches have the opportunity to “steal” a losing contestant from another team. Each coach is allowed two steals, and once again, if more than one coach tries to steal a contestant, that contestant is offered the opportunity to pick which team they’d like to move to.

Knockout Rounds

This round is also a new feature in the competition this season. Each contestant prepares a song of their choice individually, and is then pitted against a member of their own team. One performs their song while the other watches, and once the performances are over, their coach decides who moves on and who is eliminated.  

Life Playoffs

Season 3 kicked off its live shows with a “Playoff” week. In this three-night, live spectacular, contestants from all four teams performed and received America’s votes. In the live results show, two contestants from each team were saved by America and a third was saved by their respective coaches. This eliminated two contestants from each team.

Live Shows

Thanks to a new rule this season, not every coach is guaranteed a spot in the Final 4, which means the pressure is even greater this time around. Each week all of the remaining contestants will perform, and those in the bottom two (regardless of team affiliation) will be sent home.


This season’s finale (set to take place on Mon. Dec. 17 and Tues. Dec. 18) will feature those contestants in the Final 4 of the competition. In previous seasons, the Final 4 featured one contestant from each team, but this time around, the Final 4 will be made up of the top four contestants based on America’s votes.

Got it? What do you think of The Voice’s format: creative and exciting or confusing and complicated? Weigh in below!

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