Remember back in March 2012 (those were the days!) when Cee Lo Green was invited to Barack Obama's campaign fundraiser at the Tyler Perry Studios and proceeded to flip off the audience while singing the uncensored version of "Forget You"?

Good times to be had by all, but we're slightly confused. Cee Lo was at an event filled with his fellow Democratic brosefs, but then he gave everyone a big ol' FU. Literally.

His explanation? It was all just one big misunderstanding! "It was a mistake sir," he tweeted. "All of you heard the song a thousand times so don't get all saint on me.”

Turns out Cee Lo was just expressing himself, guys! He's a straight up Democrat, and even endorsed President Obama as recently as January 21, when he retweeted a tribute to the POTUS.

What have we learned? Don't judge a book by its middle finger.