Jeff Lewis and Josiah Hawley Sing “Roxanne” by The Police

Credit: Trae Patton/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Jeff Lewis vs. Josiah Hawley in the Season 4 Battle Rounds

On April 16, Team Usher’s singers Jeff Lewis and Josiah Hawley belted out a duet to The Police’s classic hit "Roxanne." Both men came in confident, but clashed with Usher’s stringent work ethic. Jeff’s obvious unfamiliarity with the song put coach Usher on edge, while Josiah’s “model” background begged Usher to question if he was more than just a salesman.

Both men entered the ring (looking handsome, might we add) singing the song with as much conviction as they could muster. While the performance wasn’t loved by all the coaches, Usher chose to keep singer Josiah on his team.


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