The time has come to bust out your jug of moonshine, pluck a saw (that's a thing, right?), and get ye ol' party on, because Midas Whale and Patrick Dodd are bringin' it big time! The three musketeers duked it out during The Voice's battle rounds, and their rendition of "Burning Love" by Elvis floored the judges. Honestly, it was like being at a hoedown full of dreads, fedoras, and extremely long man-hair, and every moment was wonderful.

Despite the fact that Midas Whale and Patrick Dodd's coach, Adam Levine, loved both acts, he picked Midas Whale — but the decision didn't come easy! "In my four seasons this is that hardest one I've ever had to make, because I'm looking at three brilliantly talented vocalists," Adam said. "I'm going to throw up right now."


There's no doubt that Midas Whale knocked old-timey socks off with their jubilant trip to Funky Town, but do you think Patrick deserved the win? Unfortunately, none of Adam's fellow judges stole Patty D for their team, which is a cryin' shame considering how strong his vocals are. He was on fire!

Hit the poll and tell us whether you think Patrick or Adam deserved to move on to knockouts!