Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Nicholas David Performs on The Voice Season 3 Live Semi-Finals, Dec. 10, 2012

Even though Nicholas David didn’t win The Voice Season 3, he’s far from a loser.

The soulful father broke the mold of a typical rockstar, impressing America week after week with his stunning renditions of classic tunes. And though he’s fantastic on his own, with the help of his equally-eccentric coach, Cee Lo Green, he made it into the Top 3, setting the standards high for the hit singing competition’s future contestants.

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Nick on the red carpet after the finale, he spilled why he chose The Voice over other shows, and also what drew him to the Lady Killer.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Did you ever consider this show as opposed to one of the other singing competitions?

Nicholas David: I felt like this one was more about the artists — not to say the other shows aren’t — but there is an integrity with this show. I looked at the panels, and I actually listened to the music of the coaches — not that I didn’t with the other ones — but really listened to them, especially Cee Lo.

What made you ultimately pick Cee Lo as your coach?

He’s been doing music for close to 20 years and just recently has been more widely popular. So again, it was so many things that won me over.

Are you happy with your outcome in the show? Making it to the Top 3?

I had a feeling I was going to go [home] a long time ago, but I never looked at it like a competition. I’ve always just been blessed to be here.

What was your favorite memory from the season?

There’s been so many — from the chair turning to meeting all the people. Meeting Cee Lo, [singing] with Smokey Robinson … it’s a freakin’ adventure of a lifetime. That’s the truth!

What’s the plan for you tomorrow?

I’m going home. I have Christmas shopping to do. I haven’t really had time to do anything except the show.

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