Tony Lucca incurred the wrath of Christina Aguilera on The Voice Season 2, but his new single is based on the relationship of a different pop diva Rihanna. The finalist spoke with What’s Trending about his new single “Reckless Love,” which is based on Rihanna’s tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown.

“It’s everywhere,” Tony said. “I’m always amazed at how popular culture and media and us, you get addicted to these little weird stories. What is it our business that they’re going through this type of 'reckless love,' but you can’t help but relate somehow.”

But with lyrics like, “we cling to each other til we’re black and blue,” Tony should be prepared to get some heat from RiRi and Team Breezy fans.

Controversy aside, we’re loving the grittiness of Tony’s sound and can’t wait to hear more from his upcoming album, which is being produced under Adam Levine’s record label, 222 Records.

Tony also recently attended the Season 4 premiere of The Voice. “I'm a fan of the show for sure, but as someone who's been through it, I can easily be extremely critical," he said. "But honest to God, Season 4 is, dare I say, the best season yet, even after the first episode."

We couldn’t agree more!

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Source: Huffington Post