Credit: STILL

Has one of your favorite blind auditions failed to earn a button press? That’s exactly what happened in Season 3 of The Voice when Garrett Gardner took to the stage singing Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” and ended up going home empty-handed.

This adorable singer was called a “cutie pie” by coach Christina Aguilera, and his tragic backstory of losing his father had us in tears. The tragedy ended up being even more painful when Garrett was forced to return home without making it onto a coach’s team.

Credit: STILL

But in a new sneak peek of next week’s set of blind auditions (around the 2:35 mark), we see Garrett re-auditioning for the show. Naturally, NBC decided to give us a heart attack and not reveal whether or not Garrett makes it onto a team, but Adam Levine does say, “Oh my God! I know you!”

We also see Garrett looking extremely emotional (possibly in tears) on the stage. But, again, it’s hard to tell if that emotion is due to his failure to get through a second time or due to happiness over getting picked.

Previously, re-auditioning has proved successful for contestants who didn’t make it through the first time. Season 3 contestants Dez Duron and Danny Rosa both failed to get through in Season 2.

Dez ended up being Christina Aguilera’s final contestant before getting eliminated in the live shows.

Do you think Garrett will make it through a second time? Listen to several of his covers below and tell us what you think!