Usher and his six-pack are about to take The Voice Season 4 by storm, and our bodies are ready. In case you've forgotten (how could you?), Usher is a record-breaking R&B artist with more hit singles than he knows what to do with.

It's only a matter of time before The Voice's whack pack of contestants perform his songs, and we've rounded up our 5 favorite hits!

1. "Yeah!”
Basically, this song consists of yelling the word "yeah" at random intervals. How can you go wrong? And yes, it spent 12 weeks at No. 1. That's how Usher rolls.


2. "You Make Me Wanna"
So many feelings in this song, guys. It's emotional, raw, and Usher may or may not be inspired to give you a hug after listening to it performed on The Voice.


3. "Nice & Slow"
The ‘90s are calling and it's time for The Voice's hopeful stars to pick up. The title of this song says it all, and it's a great number for flexin' ye olde vocal chords.


4. "Love In This Club"
It's sexy, it's melodious, and it will get stuck in the coach's heads. Basically, singing this hit is a sure fire way to stay in the competition.


5. "U Remind Me"
Usher picked up his first Grammy thanks to this song, so you better believe it's a winner!

Which Usher songs do you think The Voice 2013's contestants should tackle? Hit the comments!