Do you ever watch The Voice coaches' faces during the blind auditions and think you have what it takes to get them to press their buttons? Then you should audition for television’s top music competition show!

The bad news: auditions for Season 4 have already taken place. Since the seasons are pretaped, Shakira, Usher, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton have already selected all 12 of their contestants.

The good news: The Voice has been confirmed for Seasons 5 and 6! Another season will be airing this fall, and preliminary auditions are currently underway.

Before you reach the blind auditions, there are several levels of general auditions. You can submit a video audition on and the final set of open call auditions are this weekend in New York City.

On February 16 and 17 open call auditions will be held in NYC. Other open call auditions have already been held in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and Atlanta.

But if you’ve missed a chance to audition, don’t fret. There’s always next year! Keep checking back to NBC’s site for details on upcoming auditions.

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