The knockout rounds may be over on The Voice 2013, but for 16 lucky contestants, the battles are just beginning. On Monday, May 6 the remaining artists will have to prove themselves to America in the live shows.

And in a competition of powerhouses, one softer artist might have a tough time standing out. Team Adam Levine’s coffeehouse songbird Caroline Glaser has surprised us all with her ethereal sounds and ability to enchant her once skeptical coach.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the singer the day after her knockout round aired where she talked about her mindset moving forward.

“I think my strategy is to just be myself and own who I am as an artist and really just be confident in my performance and try not to get intimidated by the talent around me,” she told us.

But that might be a challenge in a competition filled with immense talent and plenty of Caroline’s new friends. She had to go up against bestie Amy Whitcomb in the knockout rounds.  

“Amy is absolutely incredible, I was definitely intimidated listening to her,” Caroline admitted. “She has such a phenomenal voice. Everyone here is so close so going head-to-head with somebody in knockouts or battles is always emotional because I don’t think America gets to see how close we get. It’s always hard going against friends. It’s bittersweet.”

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