Last week we thought Christina couldn’t be beat, but it turns out Adam just needed some more air time.

Cee Lo is still upsetting us, so read on to find out why (though by now you should already know).


Ranking: 1
Last week: 3
Team: Whitney Myer, Orlando Napier, Tony Lucca, Kim Yarbrough, Angel Taylor, Pip, Chris Cauley,Katrina Parker, Nathan Perrett, Karla Davis,Mathai, Nicolle Galyon

Though Adam has had two weeks of single battle round performances, we were very impressed with both of his battles last night. His contestant, Nathan Parrett, grew so significantly that he had us questioning our favorite bow tie-wearing musical theater singer! It was a tough call, but we agree with Adam’s decision to stick with Pip.

But what really brought on our respect for Adam was the second performance of the night from his team’s Angel Taylor and Katrina Parker. Angel originally won us over in the blind auditions with her rendition of Adele. But when Katrina took the stage, she blew the nervous Angel out of the water.

As battle round history has shown us, a strong performance against a fan favorite doesn’t always guarantee you a spot in the live shows, but in this case Adam made the right decision in picking Katrina to represent his team.


Ranking: 2
Last week: 1
Team: Lee Koch, Sera Hill, Chris Mann, Jesse Campbell, Lindsey Pavao,THE LiNE, Geoff McBride, Moses Stone, Anthony Evans, Ashley De La Rosa, Jonathas,Monique Benabou

Christina’s team has consistently done well in the battle rounds. The cleavage-happy diva has produced some of the best battle round performances and made the fairest decisions in the competition thus far.

This week was no different. Though the sexual tension was high between Christina and Jonathas, she awarded Ashley De La Rosa a spot in the live shows for having the better battle round performance. Good going, Xtina!


Ranking: 3
Last week: 2
Team: Lex LandAdley StumpRaeLynnJermaine PaulGwen Sebastian,Erin WillettBrian FuenteJordis UngaALyXCharlotte Sometimes,Jordan RagerNaia Kete

Blake definitely made the right decision this week, but he gained this lower spot because his battle round pairing of Jermaine Paul and ALyX was pretty weak in comparison to the other performances of the night. 

We’re looking forward to seeing what Jermaine can do in the live shows!

Erin Willett’s emotional battle against Gwen Sebastian provided the best performance of the night, but we were equally happy to see Erin move on as we were sad to see Gwen go. 


Ranking: 4
Last week: 4
TeamThe Shields BrothersCheesaWADEJuliet SimmsJamar Rogers,Angie JohnsonSarah GoldenJames MassoneErin MartinJamie Lono,Justin HopkinsTony Vincent

Cee Lo, we love you. But lately you’ve been totally unfair. Last week it was your pairing of Juliet Simms and Sarah Golden, and this week it was Erin Martin versus The Shields Brothers. What’s your deal? 

We’re sick of skinny glamazons moving past contestants with more personality and talent. Keep it up and you’ll never get out of the bottom spot! 

What do you think of our rankings? Comment below!

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