Each Voice judge has a diverse set of talent on their teams, but who should they have passed on picking in the Blind Auditions? We’ve all had our WTF? moments, as we’ve seen judges select contestants who just aren’t up to snuff.

But who are the weakest links on each judge's team? See below!  

Team Adam

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC © NBCUniversal, Inc. Photo: Karla Davis on The Voice Season 2, Blind Auditions Round 4, February 20, 2012

Adam was the only one to turn for Karla Davis, even though she sang the country song “If I Die Young.” Christina and Blake commented on the fact that Karla’s performance “didn’t quite go anywhere” and we agree.

On a team where you have a host of stand-out vocalists, the dull stylings of a country singer don’t stand a chance.  

Team Blake

Credit: NBC Photo: Lex Land

Though she received attention from three of the judges, we weren’t impressed by Lex Land’s performance in the final round of Blind Auditions. Her voice definitely has an interesting quality to it, but her nerves took over and ruined a great Bonnie Raitt song.

It felt like the judges got way too button happy on this one. 

Team Cee Lo

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC Photo: Cheesa Sings Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy" on The Voice Season 2, Episode 5, Feb. 27

We’ve now seen her Blind Audition and a sneak peek at her Battle Round, and there’s just something about Cheesa’s lower register that doesn’t work. She can hit those power notes well, but the lead up to those notes just doesn’t do it for us.

We’re on Team Angie Johnson for their upcoming Battle Round performance. 

Team Christina

Though we love his energy, MC Moses Stone doesn’t quite have the “chops” to compete on Team Christina. He definitely puts on a great performance jumping around the stage, but we would have like a more controlled song vocally.

Agree? Disagree? Comment below! 

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