Usher’s smile makes our hearts melt and causes us to say “Adam who?” during The Voice Season 4 commercials. But apparently we aren’t the only ones lusting after the new R&B superstar coach.

Community star Yvette Nicole Brown admitted to Us Weekly that her crush on Usher has reached stalker status.

“To do a successful stalk you have to cage your prey,” she joked at the March 20 screening of The Voice Season 4 in Los Angeles.

During the interview, Yvette abandoned the reporter to rush after Usher in a sneak attack. When she returned, she was ecstatic.


“He touched my arm! Usher just asked how I was!” she exclaimed. “I told him I’m fine! We had our moment! The stalk is on!”

Yvette also admits she would choose to be on Team Ush if given the opportunity, but that dazzling smile and sizzling body aren’t Usher’s only selling points.

"He has discovered a superstar. He has made a superstar," she said in reference to Usher’s work with Justin Bieber. "So far he is the only of the four that has done it."

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Source: Us Weekly