Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC) Photo: Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte Had One of the Strongest Battle Rounds of the Night

In the last battle round of the night, Cee Lo picked Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte to do a duet of Mariah Carey’s hit song, “Vision of Love.” After getting some advice from mentor Rob Thomas, Cee Lo acknowledged that pitting two of his strongest singers against one another may not have been the best idea.

Following the powerful performance, which was easily the best of the night, all of the judges were on their feet, clamouring to steal one of Cee Lo’s team members.

Cee Lo knew he had a nearly impossible decision to make, and ultimately chose to keep Trevin on his team.

Before Carson even finished explaining that Amanda was available to steal, Adam, Blake, and Christina all pushed their buttons, hoping Amanda would choose to join one of their respective teams.

With the power now in Amanda’s hands, she chose to “reach outside the box” and become a part of Team Adam.

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