Credit: Instagram

Shakira is basically an international woman of mystery, and (much like her hips) her tweets don't lie. This gal is pretty private about her personal life, but she's just as addicted to social media as the rest of us, and you better believe she tweets up a storm! 

Whether it's to recount a horrifying take of this one time a sea lion tried to eat her for breakfast, or to post cute baby pictures of her new baby, Milan Pique, Shakira is shaking her hips all over Twitter, and you can follow her @shakira!

After all, who doesn't want to bear witness to beautiful musings like "It’s Christmas Eve! To get you in the spirit, here’s Shak’s version of Santa Baby from 2009," and, "Thanks for making my fragrance "Elixir" a success! Celebrating w/cupcakes from France! I will only eat one!"?

That's right, Shakira has a complicated relationship with cupcakes and might have a crush on Santa. See how important following her on Twitter is?!

Source: Twitter