There is no denying that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert make an adorable power country couple. The two have been topping headlines and, more recently, gracing our TV screens at the Grammys. 

Fans want to know: where did Blake pop the question to Miranda? The answer may surprise you!

In an interview with Extra! (via CMT Radio Live), Blake’s fellow Voice coaches tried to guess. Adam Levine jokingly suggested it happened at the Olive Garden, but Christina Aguilera was quick to correct him: it happened in the woods!

That’s right, Blake proposed to Miranda in the great outdoors near Miranda’s Oklahoma home, and the couple celebrated with “Bacardi and Diet Sprites — in a Solo cup!” according to Miranda (via How very country of them!

What do you think of Blake’s “backwoods” proposal to Miranda? Share below!

Source: CMT Radio Live,