We often daydream about the day that Blake Shelton will press his button for us, but that’s already the reality for his 12 contestants on The Voice 2013. And now that the battle rounds have begun, Blake has two new additions to his team — former Team Usher contestant Taylor Beckham and former Team Shakira artist Luke Edgemon!

Trained gymnast Taylor Beckham lost her battle to Jess Kellner on April 15, but that wasn’t the end of her journey. Blake quickly pressed his button to steal tearful Taylor who was more than grateful to be given a second shot at competing. And when former Glee singer Luke Edgemon lost to Spanish-singing artist Monique Abbadie, Blake battled Usher to get Luke on his team. The country crooner's compliments convinced Luke to head over to the "Honey Bee" singer's team. 

What’s surprising is that following Taylor's battle, Blake actually declared Jess the winner of the Team Usher battle, but the country crooner later claimed that his comments were a trick to snatch up one of Ush’s top contenders.

But with Blake’s clear favoritism toward his country-singing contestants, Taylor and Luke will have their work cut out for them moving into the knockout rounds. 

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