Not since Christina Aguilera’s wigs have we seen an invention quite as excellent as the “steals” on The Voice 2013. This option allows coaches to snatch up contestants who have lost their battle rounds on another team.

Each coach is allowed two steals and kind-hearted Shakira used up both of hers in the first episode of battle rounds! But just because this Colombian superstar can be a bit of a pushover when it comes to tearful contestants, doesn’t mean she picked any duds.

In fact, the “Whenever Wherever” singer snagged two of the competition’s best singers from Team Adam Levine, which was arguably the strongest team going into the battle rounds.

Soulful Sasha Allen and rocker Karina Iglesias are now proud members of Team Shak, which definitely ups her chances of taking home the top prize.

These powerhouse ladies were some of our favorites from the blind auditions and now they’re both on the hip-shaking singer’s team.

She may have filled up her “steal” spots a bit early, but Shakira certainly got some of the best artists available.

Are you surprised by the steals or do you think they’ll be a good fit for her team? Tell us below!