The Voice Season 4 returned on April 16 with the second round of battles, and though the episode was only an hour long, it was packed with action! And the battle between the coaches heated up too, as they attempted to "steal" one of the competition's youngest (but most promising) contestants.

From twangy country duets to passionate classic rock duos, we saw it all — but not everyone can advance to the knockout rounds.

Below, check out the artists who were eliminated, and tell us if your favorite singer still has a shot at winning The Voice Season 4!

Eliminated during the battle rounds on April 16:

Michael Austin (Team Adam Levine)
Mark Andrew (Team Shakira)
Jamila Thompson (Team Usher)
Trevor Davis (Team Blake Shelton)
Jeff Lewis (Team Usher)

Winners of the battle rounds on April 16:

Warren Stone (Team Adam Levine)
Josiah Hawley (Team Usher)
Grace Askew (Team Blake Shelton)
Audrey Karrasch (Team Usher)
Tawnya Reynolds (Team Shakira)
Danielle Bradbery (Team Blake Shelton)

Stolen during the battle rounds on April 16:

Caroline Glaser (Team Blake Shelton, stolen by Adam)