Sometimes, a little apology goes a long way, especially when you're sleeping with another man's wife  or at least pretending to sleep with her.

The Voice star Adam Levine appeared on Live with Kelly and Michael on October 26 to discuss his role on American Horror Story. Kelly Ripa asked Adam if he was nervous about sharing sexy scenes with Jenna Dewan-Tatum, since her real-life husband is the rather muscular and quite intimidating Channing Tatum.

"Yeah, I felt really bad," Adam admits about the sex scenes with Jenna. "First of all, she’s amazing. Channing, [I’m] a huge fan of his as well. I begged her to please tell him that I was sorry."


Okay, so Adam fight be new to this whole acting thing, but we're pretty sure Channing has come to terms with the fact that his wife may occasionally have to kiss other men for a role. Still, Adam isn't so sure that he'd be comfortable with it if he were in Channing's shoes.

"I wouldn’t want my wife to ever do anything like that," Adam says. "I told [Jenna to] please make sure [Channing] understands that I’m a gentleman. Those situations often just wind up being funny because they’re so awkward and bizarre. So we made the best of it and it was fine.”

Wait  so Jenna gets to film steamy scenes with Adam Levine and then go home to Channing Tatum? Sounds like a tough life!

Source: The Examiner

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