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Name: Judith Hill
Age: 28
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
Audition Song: What a Girl Wants” by Christina Aguilera
Coaches Who Turned: All
Coach She Picked: Adam Levine


Coming from a musically gifted (and accomplished) family, it’s no wonder that Judith Hill was only 4 years old when she wrote her first song! Since then, the singer, songwriter, and musician has been making her foray into the music industry and is on her way to becoming  star.

“I’m an organic soul artist with a passion to bring the world together,” Judith says on Facebook. “The music, whether it’s the funk or the ballads, it’s all about that message. That’s the thing that resonates most for me, that message and the heart behind it.”

The L.A. native’s father, Robert “Pee Wee” Hill, is a pioneering funk bassist known for his work with such artists as Sly Stone, Jimmy Smith, and Bob Dylan. Judith’s mom, Michiko Hill, is accomplished keyboardist in her own right, with credits including Rufus with Chaka Khan, Wayne Shorter, and Billy Preston. The Hills also own and operate Master’s Crib Recording Studio, which served as a “motivating playground” for Judith.

In 2009, Judith (under the advice of a friend), applied as a background vocalist for the late Michael Jackson on his This Is It tour. To her disbelief, she got the job! Judith got to rehearse with the pop legend for two months, sung alongside him for the duet “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.” It was on her way to rehearsal that she heard the news that he’d passed away.

Judith did get to perform for Michael one last time at his memorial service. Her rendition of “Heal the World” had her phone ringing off the hook from labels, but she thought it was “in poor taste” to take advantage of the tragedy. Now she’s back and ready to show her talent to the world once more!

Connect with Judith now on Twitter, Facebook, and on her website!

Blind Audition:

At the blind auditions, Judith blew away the coaches, with coach Adam Levine and Usher turning almost immediately after she hit her first note.

Shakira turned her chair a few moments later, and mouthed “wow” while Blake took his time before he finally turning his chair to see Judith finish her set.

As soon as Judith was done, the coaches went in for the kill. After both Adam and Usher gave standing ovations (in their chairs), Adam said that Judith was the first person to “come on this show and do a Christina song as well as Christina Aguilera.” He went on to say that he would light himself “on fire” to make sure that she’s on his team.

Usher made his pitch, saying that if she picked him, not only would she win The Voice, she’d win the world over and Blake told Judith that he wants to be the guy pushing down walls and clearing a path so she can be a “star.”

Shakira clawed through the men and assured Judith that she would be the one help her win The Voice.

“I’m going to have a panic attack,” Adam said. Finally, it was Judith’s time to pick a coach and she landed on Adam.

Battle Rounds: 

On April 15, Judith battled Karina Iglesias with “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown. Both ladies held their own, but it was Judith who impressed coach Adam Levine enough to advance in the competition. However, it wasn't the end for Karina — Shakira snatched her up with the steal!

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