Cee Lo Green Opens Up About Losing Both Parents Before Age 18 (VIDEO)

Credit: Piers Morgan

Though he’s all jokes on The Voice, judge Cee Lo Green had a tough childhood.

On Friday (May 18), Cee Lo opened up about the loss of his parents to Piers Morgan. The singer’s father died when he was two, but his mother passed away when the Lady Killer was a teen.

“It’s definitely a very rude awakening,” Cee Lo admitted. “I was able to see some purpose in it. It was a sacrifice. I’ve also answered this question by saying that I had actually died and my mother lives on. In my work, my aspiration, my ability. Even down to my articulation is my mother’s will, my mother’s work and want for me.”

Cee Lo admitted he could have used his mother’s help as his career continues to blossom.

“I think she would have been the best manager,” Cee Lo said. “My mother was quite the entrepreneurial spirit, such an independent and such a class act.”

Aww so sweet! What do you think of Cee Lo’s story? Comment below!

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