\'Walking Dead\' Season 6 Episode 15 Recap: Daryl Shot in \'East,\' But He\'ll Be \'All Right\'?
Dwight in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14
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‘Walking Dead’ Season 6 Episode 15 Recap: Daryl Shot in ‘East,’ But He’ll Be ‘All Right’?


*Warning: The Walking Dead comic book SPOILERS referenced throughout!*

SPLAT! Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) got shot on Easter Sunday at the very end of The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15, "East." It happened very fast. For once, there was no dramatic speech build-up. But even Dwight (Austin Amelio) thinks the other D will be “all right” and rise again.

Maybe if Daryl hadn't shown mercy to Dwight back in 6A Daryl would now be dead. (Not that this show would DARE kill Daryl, not unless/until Norman Reedus says he's ready to leave the show. Believe nothing else.) 

Then again, if Daryl had killed Dwight back in 6A maybe Denise (Merritt Wever) would be alive and Daryl wouldn't have been shot at all.

Walking Dead Daryl Cry Gif

But no one was really “all right” this week, and we are officially done with people leaving the homestead and being abducted. All of these problems could be solved if people just stayed behind the walls in Alexandria. Tip: That was probably how all of the people Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) made fun of for being soft stayed alive for years!

Instead, no one could stay put, they all got in trouble, and it was super frustrating — and scary. But, hey, it sets things up for a tense supersized Negan-ized finale ... so who cares? Eh.

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Carol Peletier left ‘cause she didn’t want to kill for love, or whatever — Carol’s storyline rarely makes sense anymore, but Melissa McBride could sell ice to Eskimos — and yet we saw her go ahead and kill more people when she ran into a group of Saviors who were on their way to Alexandria. Is she OK? Where is she?

Tobin and Carol in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12
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Despite Carol saying she didn’t want anyone to follow her, of course they did. She can’t just set terms like that with a group this loyal. Daryl also went out too, to find Dwight. So various search parties formed and everyone kept running into Saviors, who weren’t anywhere until they were suddenly everywhere.

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Seriously, we kept seeing “Wolves Not Far” signs to warn us of the “W” weirdos, but there was nothing about the Saviors until they were the only people around.

There were a lot of shockers in the Sunday, March 27 episode, including the long-awaited confirmation that Michonne (Danai Guriradid steal Morgan Jones’s (Lennie James) protein bar. 

CASE CLOSED. Now maybe Morgan can retire his “all life is precious” mantra and find a happy medium between that and "kill or be killed."

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Maggie Greene also got her hair cut, solving the mystery of why Lauren Cohan’s hair is now short. But Shane and Rick have shown us that people only cut their hair on this show during serious moments of change, and that seems to go beyond pregnancy for Maggie. There still seems to be heavy foreshadowing there, with Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Michonned tied up, and Maggie furthering her Enid/Sophia story of motherhood. Is she OK? Is the baby OK? We seem to be asking that of everyone this week. (Has anyone seen Judith lately? Is Carl watching her, or is Father Gabriel the new babysitter?)

Also, in case the foreshadowing hasn't been painfully obvious enough, we saw Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) holding a gun featuring a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. Yes, Lucille, we know you are coming next week. Wait your turn.

The Walking Dead Negan in Comic with Lucille

Read on for a full recap of Episode 615:

A hole in the windshield starts the episode. We hear distant voices, see a flat tire, and blood on the ground. A very teasey intro, and quite short. So much of this season has been about teasing viewers with what's to come, and providing shocks instead of just telling the story. Right from here, we head to the latest Fear the Walking Dead promo, and commercials. They're showing a Fear marathon at 11 p.m. tonight, right after Talking Dead, and right when fans will wish they could rewatch Episode 15. Only those who taped/DVR it can rewatch.

We see Carol in the events before the end of last week's episode, as she prepared to leave. This departure still just does not resonate with truth, which is a shame, since Carol — and even Tobin — deserve better. Tobin talks about how he knew Denise from the beginning. Carol basically tunes him out, presumably in self-preservation. She has decided she can't let herself love. Carol and Tobin kiss again, which is wrong but whatever. Cue Johnny Cash, Carol's farewell song. Question: Would Rick like Johnny Cash? Rick likes country, but usually more cheesy fun country. JC is more intense.

As Johnny Cash plays, we see Carl head to the armory and take a gun with that insignia. In the comic book, Carl and Negan have something of a weird semi-friendship. Glenn and Maggie take a shower, and we see a lot of it. Daryl gets on his bike and plays with Denise's "Dennis" tag. See. He's leaving for Denise, not Carol. After last week's promo, so many fans blasted Carol, thinking Daryl would get hurt to go after her, but Daryl doesn't even know what's up with Carol yet. He's focused on Denise. We also see love triangle drama from the not exactly thoughtful Abraham, who flirts with Sasha in front of Rosita. Let her go, let her go....

Glenn Holds Maggie in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 13
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We see Rick and Michonne spooning in bed and eating an apple. "This is good," Rick says. She agrees. Foreshadowing? Jesus came through, Michonne said. Rick starts kissing her all over, but Michonne stops him. Maggie has them all on a schedule -- she's in charge! -- and Michonne doesn't want to piss off a pregnant lady. Not this one. Maggie is worried about an attack, Mich says. "When they come for us, we'll end it. The whole thing." Rick is too confident. "The world's ours, and we know how to take it." Too arrogant but DAMN does he look hot in that bed. Whew.

Michonne and Rick STILL

So are you going to get mad at Daryl for potentially putting Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita in danger? They are now on the search for Daryl. Rosita says she knows where he's going.

Tobin gives Carol's letter to Rick. Abraham and Sasha tell Rick that Daryl is gone too. Carol took a car? Morgan tells Rick he's heading out to find Carol. Rick goes too, says no one else should leave, they should stay ready for a fight. Yeah, but who is around to defend Alexandria if there's still another attack? The A-team is on the road.

We see Carol driving the car that looks like the one in the intro, with spikes shooting off the sides. (Question: Where do they get gas for these cars?) As she's driving, some people pass her and shoot out her tires. We get more shots from the intro. There's a truck with guys in it, and they seem to be waiting for Carol to get out. She has her rosary beads. Dang it, Carol. This is why you need the group. Carol holds up her beads and asks them not to hurt her. Carol in Meryl Streep mode again. These guys wonder why people always assume the worst. Carol says she just has the car, and a knife for the dead ones. Guy says no, she has information -- like where she's from and where she's going. Carol pulls an Arya Stark and says she's nobody. Nancy. She's not from anywhere. Who are these guys? Are they Saviors or is the world only filled with jerks now? Miles seems to know Alexandria. Those guys were on the way to her place, Alexandria. She knows she has to kill now. Because she does love the ASZ folks. Is she faking her freakout or not? She had a gun up her sleeve! But she still seems broken by it. She truly did not want to kill. More Morgan than Meryl. Eh. Save your pity for more three-dimensional characters, Queen C. The driver gets out of the car and shoots at her. She uses a spike to take him down. Classic Carol does not know how NOT to slay. There's another guy outside the car, though, the main guy. He breaks out a knife and she shoots, but we don't see the result.  

Enid wants to help. She tells Maggie to put up her feet and eat some pickles. 

All season we have been waiting for these told OGs to get together and kick butt. But not like this. They debate going east vs. west. Morgan thinks Carol went east. Rick says he doesn't even know Carol. Why is he doing this, Rick asks. Morgan says something like it's not about being right, it's about the wrong not pulling him down. Morgan thinks it will, 'cause he knows him? 

Carol's guys are like Monty Python, a couple of them are not dead. Was that intentional, like maim-don't-kill? One of them gets away and, in the distance, we see Morgan and Rick approaching. 

No one does this, but it would be hilarious if someone pulled a Lori and just randomly flipped the car because they were distracted by a map. 

Good question, 'cause she's not with the not-dead guys that Morgan and Rick approach. Rick tells Morgan those guys were Saviors, getting weapons from Hilltop. Rick says he's proud of Carol. She took four of them down. "That woman, she's a force of nature." Morgan said Carol's letter said she couldn't anymore. Rick said she had to, because sometimes you have to. Morgan sees a trail of blood, it could be Carol's. Rick says she could've died there. They follow the trail. Should they? They know she can take care of herself, maybe they should go back and focus on protecting Alexandria.

He was hiding in the woods and saw Rick and Morgan. He picked up Carol's rosary beads. He looks piiiiiiisssed and follows after Rick and Morgan. 

Daryl and Rosita Run in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14
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Rosita takes them back to the scene of Denise's death. Rosita thinks maybe they should just let Daryl do this. Glenn gives another speech (bad idea on this show!) which boils down to Daryl maybe getting himself killed. So they go after him. And almost get killed by him when Daryl uses his crossbow and hits a tree. "You shouldn't have come." "You shouldn't have left." Daryl knows Denise's death was his fault. Glenn says he's not doing this for Denise, he's doing this for himself. Glenn: "We need you. And everyone back there needs us right now." YES! Listen to Glenn. Go home. All of you. Just go home. Daryl says he can't. Dang it, man. Rosita says she can't either. They need to atone. Glenn looks emotional, but he and Michonne walk the other way. They need to be able to protect Alexandria. Glenn knows those guys could be back in Alexandria. Yes. Michonne and Glenn have a nice talk. Glenn makes another speech. STOP THE FORESHADOWING. He says they just got lucky together. He thought after everything they did... Hilltop, the Saviors, the world is bigger than he thought it was.

Dammit! Michonne and Glenn get surrounded by still another group of guys. It's Dwight's group. "Hi." 

Rick and Morgan walk through a lovely field. Morgan is a good tracker, too, and they see some blood. They discuss why Rick is out there. "I'm out here because she's my family." Morgan knows Rick sent Carol away at the prison, after she killed two of the people and burned their bodies. What if that happened today, he asks. Would you kill her? He says he'd thank her, or he'd do it himself. WOW. Morgan says it didn't happen now, it happened then. Carol left and came back. "People can come back, Rick." It's "we're not too far gone" all over again. The bromance spark seems gone with these two. It's sad. They run after a walker but -- phew -- it's not Carol. They are wasting too much time tracking her, when they know Carol can take care of herself and there are more pressing immediate matters. 

Rick and Morgan come across a guy at a barn, and tell him to come out and drop his weapons. Morgan says they are looking for their friend. "They're coming. Just go. Just go!" random guy says. Was Morgan bit? No, right? Very close. Rick killed the random new guy. He may have been one of the Hilltop-ers. Morgan said maybe he was just a man looking for a horse. Rick will kill anyone today. "I don't take chances anymore." 

Morgan tells the story of letting the Wolf live. He could've killed him but all life is precious. Rick looks at him like he's insane. Morgan admits he put the Wolf in the cell in the brownstone basement, because we can all change. Morgan said Carol found out and the guy escaped. The Wolf took Denise hostage. That man, that killer, saved Denise's life. Yeah, but, he also put her life in danger by making her go outside. "It's all a circle," Morgan says. "Everything gets returned." Morgan says the fact is the fact, he let the guy live. So now what? Is Morgan going to be banished? Morgan tells Rick to go home. Rick tells Morgan he's coming back...? Yes, but if he doesn't, don't come looking. Carol didn't want that either. Rick gives Morgan his gun. Rick also confesses: "Michonne did steal that protein bar." YES. Morgan knew. They go their separate ways on a gorgeous ...sunrise or sunset? It's a mirror of Carol and Morgan walking their separate ways in Alexandria after the Wolves attacked.

Back home, Rick says Morgan is still out there. They stare out the gates. Abraham says Michonne is still out there too. You afraid to go back to it, when it's somebody close? Yeah. Me too. Abraham is ready to tear the world a brand new a--hole. 

Maggie says she needs Enid's help. If Jessie were here, she could cut Maggie's hair. But Enid does a good job. Why cut it, though? "I have to keep going, and I don't want anything getting in my way." Well, better to say this now than ... after. Maggie feels some kind of stomach pain. SERIOUS pain. Ugh. Oh no. She falls to the ground. No!

Meanwhile, the baby's daddy is tied up, next to Michonne. Daryl sees them in the woods, so does Rosita. Glenn makes noises, tries to warn him. Dwight says, "Hi, Daryl." Dwight is behind Daryl and Rosita. There's a gunshot. Daryl is shot, but we don't see it, we just see the blood. "You'll be all right."  


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