The X Factor News Roundup! Check Out These Hot Stories  — November 10, 2012
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The X Factor

The X Factor News Roundup! Check Out These Hot Stories — November 10, 2012

Have you had time to sew giant flowers onto all your blazer lapels since Jason Brock went home on this week’s X Factor? Somebody has to represent, after all, and all our clothes are being sewn into exact replicas of Britney’s crop tops, with a twist inspired by Demi’s eyebrows. While you sew, catch up on your reading. Just be careful of the pricks (no, we’re not talking about Simon or L.A. Reid).

X Factor Finalist Diamond White Is Back! The Top 12 Becomes Top 13
The comeback kid totally pulled a Melanie Amaro. Will she keep emulating her?

X Factor 2012 Live Results, Week 2: Who Is Moving Into The Top 12?
HUGE NEWS, people. Huge. News.

X Factor 2012 Results: Jason Brock Gets Cut, CeCe Frey Moves Into The Top 12!
A vote for every leopard print spot. Just wait for next week’s full-body makeup.

How Did The X Factor Top 12 Rank? November 8, 2012 Live Show Results
It’s not enough to have a popularity contest. Let’s make sure we know exactly how unpopular some contestants are. We’re looking at you, Arin.

Does X Factor Boy Band Emblem3 Owe Their Success to America’s Got Talent Producers?
In which the truth is a many-splendored but somewhat absent thing.

Mario Lopez Almost Peed Himself on The X Factor
No, seriously, get the boy some pull-ups.

Demi Lovato on X Factor Mentee CeCe Frey: “I Don’t Know if She Knows Who She Is”
You think you know, but you have no idea.

Eliminated X Factor Finalist Jason Brock: I Want to French Kiss Simon Cowell — Exclusive
Um, that makes one of us. But as for Jason’s take on the judges? Totally worth the read.

Taylor Swift Is Going to Show Everyone Up on X Factor Next Week
We are never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever going to get tired of her.

The X Factor 2012 Season Finale Date Announced — When Will They Give Away 5 Million Dollars?
Will Brit perform? Will the winning act parlay the moolah into an actual career? So many questions.

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